Click on these Links to visit some of George's favorite web places!

Goto: Muruga Go to: Muruga Booker: famed percussionist with Jerry Garcia, Weather Report, and P-Funk to name a few!!!

Goto: Ted Lucas Go to: Ted Lucas: a fine tribute to a fallen comrade, a wonderful musician, and a great human being.

Goto: Madcat Go to: Peter Madcat Ruth: is there a better "harmoni-cat" on the planet??? In the UNIVERSE????

Goto: G.Kent Go to: Gerald Kent: Gerald was the guitarist for Brainstorm, a legendary Detroit funk group. He and I met as high school sophomores with a common interest in guitar and soon formed a band. Difference was that Jerry already could play. I'm forever grateful to Jerry for teaching me my first blues run on guitar, and to his brother Mark R. for showing me the ragtime finger-picking basics.

Goto: Ralph Koziarski Go to: Ralph Koziarski: a longtime friend and brother, Ralph is a gifted winds and reed-man, a talented percussionist, and an extraordinary composer.

Goto: Perry Robinson Go to: Perry Robinson: One of the finest human beings I shall ever be fortunate enough to know, but I guess that just runs in the family!

Goto: RWarren Go to: Roberto Warren: A bandmate from the classic Ghost Band lineup, Roberto is a true artist who amazes me with his poetry and dance. Watch for some of his projects coming up soon!

Goto: Michael on Fire Go to: Michael on Fire, aka Michael Colone: from folkie to country rock (BEFORE the Eagles brought it to mainstream), to jazz, this classically-trained guitarist, singer, and songwriter is a native Detroiter who now has made his mark across the country!

Goto: Bob Dennis Go to: Bob Dennis, Superdisc Mastering: The master mastering engineer, this guy cut his teeth ... and vinyl masters for Motown Records back in the day, and has been helping musicians sound great ever since. He also runs The Recording Website, where he shares his vast wealth of recording knowledge.

Goto: Dangerous Diane Go to: Dangerous Diane, aka Diane Spodarek: I had the pleasure of sharing a stage, opening for the Dangerous Diane Band, a force in the 1980s Detroit Music scene, when they re-united for a series of concerts late last year. Check my Music Pages for some fun basement jams with Diane.

Goto: Cass Corridor Tribes Go to: Cass Corridor Tribes: Artist Stephen Goodfellow's website documents the artists, musicians, organizers, and others who have helped make Detroit's Cass Corridor district the creative hub it is today.

Goto: Lynchworks Go to: The Lynch Studio is the online home for artist Carol Lynch. Carol is a longtime friend who actually survived the infamous Selden House. Her Motor City background is evident in many of her paintings.

Goto: Tom Tomorrow Go to: Tom Tomorrow (and Sparky the subversive Penguin), who can make you laugh at an otherwise grim situation.

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